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“Proclaim Life Global produces and provides quality biblically based resources for the teaching and training of influential Christian leaders worldwide with the goal of saving, protecting and enhancing life from conception forward.”

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Founded in 2016

Meet the Board

The PLG Directors have been on the ground floor of this ministry since 2008. They have developed a mission strategy that successfully implements Proclaim Life Global’s mission statement.

Left to right:  Rhea Boone, Claudia Walter, Dieter Walter, Carol Clark, and Mickey Thompson.

Member bios

While much pro-life media exists in Western countries, little culturally appropriate material exists overseas. To fill this void, Proclaim Life Global offers videos and print material appropriate to various cultures and language groups. They are freely provided to nationals who conduct pro-life seminars in churches, youth meetings, Bible schools, seminaries, high schools and among professional such as nursing students. When appropriate, seminar attendees receive their own set of videos and print materials, thereby enabling each attendee to present the material to others.   

Using the seminar model, the videos have been shown to at least 15,000 individuals since 2008. Testimonies from abroad indicate that babies’ lives have been saved and grieving post-abortive individuals have received spiritual healing. Sexual integrity has been taught. People who have been ignorant or deceived about the truth of abortion can no longer say “I never knew”.  

Biblical truth is essential for teaching about the evil of abortion. Proclaim Life Global uses biblical truths, along with testimonies and teachings of faithful followers of Christ.  Videos and print materials are excellent ways to communicate these messages.

The videos and print materials are in English as well as Hindi, Nepali, and Spanish. For more information these resources click here.

In 2008, missionaries Dieter and Claudia Walter, who had served for 30 years in various ministry capacities, turned their focus to international pro-life ministry. Recognizing the need for culturally appropriate pro-life materials, they developed two English language pro-life videos and print material. In subsequent years, various people groups requested translations into their own languages. The Walters worked with nationals in Nepal, India and Colombia to accomplish this. Dieter and Claudia produced these materials under the name of Gabriel International.    

Gabriel International was not a formal organization – that is, it was not incorporated or recognized by the U.S. government. Yet its ministry had substantial growth in only a few years. If the ministry was going to have a long-term future, then a permanent plan needed to be developed. Dieter and Claudia consulted with longstanding advisors to their ministry. In May of 2016, these advisors became the first Board members of the newly formed Proclaim Life Global. Very soon afterward the U.S. government awarded 501(c)(3) charitable status to Proclaim Life Global.

As you can see, even though Proclaim Life Global is very young, it inherits a rich history of

God-given success. As the Holy Spirit works through the Board members, we anticipate God’s continued blessing as we follow His leading into the future. He is the Author and Giver of life. Abortion proponents work to destroy the lives of infants and families, causing much emotional and spiritual pain. But we take comfort in the words of Jesus Himself in John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good courage; I have overcome the world.”

Join with us on this journey of faith to proclaim the sanctity of life and families throughout the world.