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“Proclaim Life Global produces and provides quality biblically based resources for the teaching and training of influential Christian leaders worldwide with the goal of saving, protecting and enhancing life from conception forward.”

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Proclaim Life Global is pleased to offer these free downloads for your pro-life and abortion recovery programs. You are most welcome to download any of the print material listed below.  However, we request that you do not sell these materials.  We also request that you do not put any personal, organizational, or ministry labels on the material since they are the exclusive property of Proclaim Life Global.

Topics Include

Abortion Healing Brochure

Therefore Choose Life - Leader’s Guide

Click on the links below to view and/or download the materials.

South Asian English Videos

Print Material for South Asia (English)

Wonderfully Created Brochure

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  Abortion Healing A4 Size South Asian (English)

  Abortion Healing Letter Size South Asian (English)

  Abortion Healing Mobile South Asian (English)

  Wonderfully Created A4 Size South Asian (English)

  Wonderfully Created Letter Size South Asian (English)

 Wonderfully Created Mobile South Asian (English)

Both Wonderfully and Uniquely Created and Created to Choose Life are offered high quality mp4 video format. They can be downloaded from the Internet using our secure file sharing service.

The videos are offered without cost. Therefore we request that you do not sell them. We also request that you use them only for their intended purpose of promoting the sanctity of life. The videos should not be uploaded to the Internet using any program such as YouTube, Vimeo, or to personal, business or church websites. To receive a copy of either or both videos, please fill out the contact form or email us your request.

Created to Choose Life is approximately 45 minutes long. Western Pastors and Christian professionals present a biblical view of how life is created and the dangerous effects of abortion.  The video is narrated by a South Asian and is subtitled in English. Subtitling aids in the comprehension of this important message.

Created to Choose Life

Topics Include

Wonderfully and Uniquely Created

Wonderfully and Uniquely Created is approximately 23 minutes long. This video does not speak specifically about abortion.  However, it does support the pro-life message. Children and families are shown as valued by God. It is an excellent educational tool when teaching about human reproduction.

The teachings by a Western Pastor and a Christian professional are aided with English subtitles.This helps in the comprehension of the message. The narration is provided ed by a South Asian.

  Leader's Guide A4 Size (English)

  Leader's Guide Letter Size (English)

Therefore Choose Life

Therefore Choose Life is a 47 minute video presentation.  It is intended for viewing by pastors, ministry leaders and other mature Christians.  However, its use among non-Christians has been accepted.

Through animated sequences and live testimony and teaching, the truth about the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion is shown. Biblical teaching about Christ's redemptive power is clearly presented.  Abortion is shown to be not only a personal matter, but a sociological issue as well.

Topics Include: