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“Proclaim Life Global produces and provides quality biblically based resources for the teaching and training of influential Christian leaders worldwide with the goal of saving, protecting and enhancing life from conception forward.”

Proclaim Life Global

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Founded in 2016

Proclaim Life Global is dedicated to preventing abortions.  This is done by educating youth and adults through pro-life seminars.  In these seminars people learn about God’s view on the sanctity of life. Since the development of the media in 2008, the pro-life videos have been shown to at least 15,000 individuals. Testimonies indicate babies’ lives have been saved and grieving post-abortive individuals have received spiritual healing.  People who have been ignorant or deceived about the truth of abortion no longer say “I never knew”.  

Many seminar attendees are provided with the videos and pro-life print materials to educate others in their own sphere of influence.  Proclaim  Life Global’s methodology provides answers to people before they find it necessary to go to a crisis pregnancy center.

Proclaim Life Global remains committed to multiplying the pro-life message by teaching, equipping and sending.  It has proven to be very cost effective.  The cost of educating and equipping one leader is less than ten dollars.

In the photos below you will see the various venues in which these pro-life materials are being used to educate and help people in all walks of life.

Bible Schools and Seminaries

Over time the worldview on abortion will creep into the churches. Pastors and ministry leaders must be equipped to teach the Biblical view on sanctity of life.  They must also be prepared to biblically counsel those who are grieving over their participation in abortion. PLG media will help prepare these future leaders.


Youth & Parents  in Churches

Pregnancy and sexual matters are often left to secular education.  Even Christian parents may feel inadequate to teach their teens on this subject. Young people may be left alone to understand the biology of their bodies and how to make proper choices regarding sex. With the biblically based information, young people are likely to make better choices.

Private and Public Schools

 Although the media is explicitly Christian, some schools permit PLG seminars. The presenter can talk about prevention of pregnancy and the dangers of sex outside of marriage. Youth do not realize what abortion will do to them physically and emotionally.  It is important to reach them.

Varied Locations,

Varied Groups

Proclaim Life Global’s worldwide project partners continue to promote life with professional groups, church leaders, students, and individuals who are considering abortion.  Lives are being saved and lives are being changed. PLG’s media is available to you. Simply go to the Resources Page to view your options.

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