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The following dates help to understand the spread of abortion worldwide.

Through the persistent work of IPPF and MSI, abortion rights and legalization rapidly spread throughout Europe and then to developing countries.  The Guttmacher Institute (USA) reports an estimated 56 million induced abortions occur worldwide each year.That is an average of 4.5 million abortions per month.   

Understanding the Worldwide Problem of Abortion

Key Dates in the Advancement of Abortion

 Response Within the U.S. Christian Community

Immediately after abortion was legalized in 1973, Roman Catholics started protesting abortion laws. The response from the Protestant evangelical community was more muted. However, in 1975, Dr. O.J. Brown formed the Christian Action Council (CAC) at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Dr. Brown was strongly influenced by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and Dr. C. Everett Koop.  Dr. Schaeffer was a renowned Christian theologian and pastor.  Dr. Koop later became the U.S. Surgeon General.

The CAC formed local chapters throughout the U.S, many of which became crisis pregnancy centers.  Other similar organizations also started crisis pregnancy centers. Pro-life advocacy organizations began public awareness campaigns.

Over many decades, the above mentioned groups began to make an impact in the United States.  People have started to accept that life begins at conception and that abortion is killing an innocent child

Internationally, the situation is different.  Both the Roman Catholic Church and the above mentioned evangelical organizations founded crisis pregnancy centers in some countries. However, in many countries such centers are problematic due of operational costs and/or cultural norms.  Thus there are very few opportunities for abortion minded individuals to receive counseling.  

Abortion data reveals that abortions have declined in the U.S.  In developing countries, however, the number of abortions remains unchanged.

Response by the Churches

U.S. churches have varied in their response to legalized abortion.  Some pastors and priests have preached about the evil of abortion, while others have remained silent.  The trend has been for more and more churches to avoid the topic of abortion.  

The situation internationally is even worse.  In lesser developed countries, pastors and ministry leaders are not fully equipped to address the complex issues of abortion.  A proper response to abortion is not taught in most Bible schools and seminaries overseas.  

If leaders of churches are ill informed, then most certainly their ‘flock’ is uninformed. This lack of teaching, combined with the propaganda spread by MSI and IPPF, has led to widespread acceptance of abortion not only in the secular community but in the churches.

Proclaim Life Global’s Response

Proclaim Life Global believes education about abortion should come from the church. The value of life can only be understood through the light of Scripture.  Therefore conducting pro-life seminars within the church, the Christian community and schools, is essential.  

PLG videos and the print media give pastors and lay people the tools to make decisions and to teach others.  That is why PLG offers these materials without cost.  To learn more about these materials view the video on the home page and/or go to the Media Options page.

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